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Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions
5 January 2014

Alegrías, romeras, caracoles and mirabrás are all part of the cantiñas family. As these styles are all based on singing, we can refer to guitar playing in these styles as cantiñas.

Here are three picados for the cierre (closing sequence) in the keys of E major, C major and A major. Notice that cierre 1 starts on the second degree, cierre 2 on the fifth and cierre 3 on the seventh. I see most singers doing cantiñas in C, but you really have to develop this style in all three keys if you want to accompany (Javier Molina and others also played in G). I've been trying to develop my picado in recent years, and cantiñas is a great context for this technique. You can expand these ideas beyond the rather ordinary confines of beats 7-10 by starting a bit earlier (e.g.: between beats five and six) and leading up to the first note indicated here. Better yet, draw on these ideas for inspiration and come up with your own!

Key of E

The second idea finishes on the fourth string, but it can obviously end on the open sixth string, like the others.

cierres in E
Key of C
cierres C
Key of A

You might prefer to play cierre 2 an octave higher.

cierres A
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