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Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions
Arpeggiated bulería
21 December 2020

The falseta is written in 3/4 time with double bar lines between beats 12 and 1. Unless otherwise indicated, use your thumb for all the downstemmed notes. Capo at second fret.

The idea is to keep the bass strings ringing under the trebles as much as possible. In the first compás, at beat 4 the thumb plays the fifth and fourth strings and the ring finger plays the first string at beat 6. In the second compás, for the Bb7 chord, barre with your index on the first three strings, slur with your little finger and use your ring to fret the double D on the fifth string. At the end of the Bb7 chord, keep the tip of your index on the third-string Bb as a way into the A9b chord.

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new soleá falseta collection