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Cantiñas in C
5 January 2014

Here are six cierres and three short falsetas in a single audio file.

cierre 1

Cierre 1 (0:03-0:04). Everything with thumb and index. The idea comes from a cierre that Tomatito recorded with Camarón. He plays the same rhythmic pattern with alzapúa (thumb only), changing to C on the ninth beat.

cantiñas cierre 2

Cierre 2 (0:08-0:09). Everything with thumb and index. The rhythmic counterpoint at the end also appears in cierre 5.

cantiñas cierre 3

Cierre 3 (0:13-0:14). In the audio file, which was recorded several years ago, I end on the fifth string. Now I prefer to end this cierre and others with an entire chord played with the thumb (like Paco Cepero).

cantiñas cierre 4

Cierre 4 (0:18-0:20). Everything with the thumb.

cantiñas cierre 5

Cierre 5 (0:24-0:25). The rhythmic counterpoint at the end also appears in cierre 2. The idea comes from the playing of Pepe Núñez and Jose María Molero.

cantiñas cierre 6

Cierre 6 (0:34-0:35). Another way to work in the rhythmic counterpoint. For beats nine and ten, try to play and slur the F on the fourth string with the left-hand little finger. If this is difficult, go over it thoroughly to eliminate any unnecessary tension in your hand.

falseta 1

Falseta 1 (0:42-0:46). With thumb and index. Works in E, too. Sounds like Niño Ricardo.

cantiñas falseta 2

Falseta 2 (0:47-0:51). I got this idea from Pepe Núñez.

cantiñas falseta 3

Falseta 3 (1:03-1:07). Inspired by Pepe Habichuela's "Recordando Esencias." The taps at the end are capirotazos (index-finger "tap-and-strum" technique).

Viva Cai
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