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new soleá falseta collection
Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions

Six new verses written by me


Several falsetas and cierres in the key of C.

Three picados in E, C and A to end your falsetas.


Classic falsetas por arriba.

A falseta recorded by old and modern guitarists.

A study of the alzapúa technique.

Juan Maya "Marote" por soleá.

Modern soleá por arriba.


Falsetas and cierres, in the style of Niño Ricardo.

Basic rhythm and three falsetas with different techniques and approaches.


Several old and new falsetas.

49 cierres and remates to end your falsetas.

toques levantinos

A cierre in three keys recorded by Ramón Montoya and others.


Montoya, Ricardo and Paco arpeggiate over the siguiriyas compás.


Rhythm and rasgueados.


Paco Cepero.

Ramón Montoya.

Juan Maya "Marote."

Manolo de Huelva.

Arpeggiated falseta.


The major second degree in the singing of Manuel Torre.

Soleás and bulerías por soleá of Juan Talega in studio and fiesta recordings.

Joaquín el de la Paula 3 and several related styles.

Classification and study of siguiriyas and soleá.

Six styles of bulería por soleá.

Half compás found in many recordings of bulería por soleá.


Verse sung in over 250 flamenco recordings.

Verse written by me for several different singing styles.

Guitar exercises.

The music of Gaspar Sanz.

Interviews with Javier Molina and Ramón Montoya.

Summarized biographical information on flamenco guitarists.

Soleá and siguiriya rhythms explained.

Learn to read and write musical notation.

A satellite photo of Andalusia and Northern Africa.

Links related to flamenco, guitarists and the guitar.

Small audio file of the guitar.

New soleá falseta collection.

Other falseta collections.

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versión en español
new soleá falseta collections